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CCTV Camera SMPS Adapter (OPS 1660 A)

Preserving our solid reputation in the industry, we put every effort to live up to our name. We offer CCTV Camera SMPS (OPS 1660 A) to our prized customers. For making sure the unsurpassed quality, we undergo a meticulous process of quality control. The features such as low ripple, low interference and stabilized output make it a tempting proposition. It is offered at cost effective rates.



  • Stabilized  output,  Low  Ripple  and  Low  Interference
  • Surge  Protection
  • Short  circuit  and  Overload  Protection
  • Over  Current  protection
  • Over  Voltage  protection
  • High  Efficiency  &  Low  Energy  Consumption
  • Power  Led  Monitor  for  individual  camera  channel
  • Low  Ripple  Voltage  (  mV  P­ P)-<5%
  • Short  Circuit  Auto  Restart
  • Highly  Integrated  SMPS  Switcher  I.C  Design

Technical  Specifications

  •  AC  Input  Voltage  -  110VAC  TO  300VAC
  •  Input  Frequency  -  50-60  Hz
  •  Output  Voltage  -  12.O VDC
  •  Output Current - 16.0 AMP
  •  Operating  Temperature  -  -20oC  –  60oC